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Private Walks and Visits:             (1 to 10 people for all private walks and visits:)

For private, “made for you” Toulouse walks:

- One and a half hour walk:             95 euros
- Two hour Toulouse walk:             120 euros
- Three hour Toulouse walk:          150 euros

Out of town visits and walks:

- Half day:                                          170 euros

Note: A double out of town visit is possible combining two sites. Look at the  TGW blog for possible full day visits or Contact TGW for suggestions and rates.

Private walks and visits which are reserved exclusively for your group, require a deposit of 40 euros* at the moment of reservation. The balance is to be paid on the day of the visit.** (See Terms and Conditions for deposit policy).

* : Pre-payment by Check or Paypal

**If you arrive in Toulouse with your family or friends, and decide at the last minute to go on a guided walk, make sure to Contact TGW because it is possible that Elyse is available!


Pre-scheduled ‘open’ monthly Walks and Visits as posted on the TGW blog.

- Two hour city walks:            10 euros per adult
                                                 5 euros per child from 8 to 14

- Out of town open visits:        Rates per person determined by destination

(Up to 20 people for all pre-scheduled walks)

Pre-payment is not necessary for open walks in Toulouse. Payment is made at the time of the walk by cash or check. Best to reserve your place* at least 4 days before the walk. Open walks fill up quickly. Cancellations should be made at least 3 days before the walk to allow for those on the waiting list to participate.

*For further information or questions go to Contact.

--Please note that entrance fees and transportation are not included in the rates--



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