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"I am reluctant to tell anyone just how wonderful the walks around Toulouse with our fascinating and enthusiastic guide are.
I would like to keep them a secret - just for the few of us, but that would be selfish.
We have been fascinated by the history and fine detail, thrilled by the “secrets” of the city, enthralled by the variety and entertained by the humour Elyse has unfolded for us.
We love every minute of our tours and can’t wait for the new programme to emerge."
Peta A Edwards, July 2011

"What a super day, we all thoroughly enjoyed the tour, your knowledge and your enthusiasm! Many thanks”
Glenys b. June 2011

"We have been to Mirepoix countless times and thought there was little more to learn about it. How wrong could we be? You were your usual encyclopedic fund of knowledge, touching on history, architecture and culture and the walk was highly enjoyable."
David and Caroline B - May 2011

"Thanks to a friend I heard of Elyse and her walks in 2008. I was told her walks were a joy .. I went on one in March 2008. To date, I think it is now 30 Elyse walks I have been on, and without exception, they have been pleasurable and informative. Her knowledge of the city, coupled with humor makes it well worth it very time. We have also had trips to Mirepoix and Carcassonne with equal pleasure."
Brian H. - March 2011

"Your tours made our stay this winter interesting and informative. We’ve gotten to know the history of Toulouse so much better as a result. Many thanks and see you soon."
Tamara and Bob Pringle - February 2011

“What is different about her tours is that she manages to draw her listeners into the lives of the people who lived and worked in Toulouse in the middle ages, and over the centuries since then."
Faith Dyson - March 2011

"Today was a day in paradise in southwest France…Thanks for awonderful tour. I have been to Mirepoix on many occasions buttoday was the best. Thanks for a beautiful day!"
Diane and Lloyd - April 2011



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