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How do we know where to meet for the walks?
All meeting places for pre-scheduled walks are clearly indicated in the blog. Meeting places, when possible, are at metro stops to make it easy to find the guide. If there is any problem the guide’s phone is always open! For private walks, a meeting place is arranged when the visit is reserved.

What happens if it rains?
All pre-scheduled walks go rain or shine! (with very few exceptions!) Toulouse is also very beautiful in the rain, so just carry an umbrella if the forecast indicates inclement weather.

What should we wear and what should we take with us?
Wear comfortable walking shoes. Some of the walks are long, and there are cobblestones
on some streets. Take a bottle of water with you too.

Are there stops for meals or snacks during the walks and visits?
The walks and visits usually last about two hours, so there is no stop. However, since many of them end at noon, or are in the evening, we can make suggestions for places to have lunch or dinner. Of course, a short stop for coffee can be included upon request.

Are these visits always in the morning?
Many of the visits are in the morning, usually from 10 am to noon, but there are also sunset walks and afternoon walks. Private walks or visits can be ANY TIME YOU CHOOSE!

Is it possible to have a visit in French?
Yes! All TGW  private visits can be conducted in French! Just indicate that you wish to have your walk in French at the time of the reservation.

What to we do if we want to have an out of town visit?

There is no problem! Once the place to visit is chosen, we just arrange for a meeting place that is easy to find!

What if we would like to visit a place that is not mentioned in the site or blog?

Again, no problem! Just write or call and we can arrange a visit to almost
anywhere in Toulouse or the region. It is just necessary to verify that the guide and the date are available!

The private visits are for up to 10 people. What is the cost for more than ten?
Private visits are kept small and intimate for you! If you want to add on other people, we can adjust the rate accordingly, a per head add on calculated on the original rate.

What happens if a private visit must be cancelled?
All deposits are non-refundable, but can be applied to another date if cancellation is at least 4 days prior to the date of the reserved visit.

Is it possible to have a private visit at the last minute?
Yes it is. Contact  Elyse to see if she is free. Last minute private visits are paid in full at the time of the visit.

How do we reserve a visit from another country?
Deposits for private visits reserved from another country can be paid for through Paypal if it is not possible to pay with a check. The balance of the payment can be made by check or cash at the time of the walk or visit.

Are these walks and visits for children?
Most of TGW ’s walks and visits are appropriate for children over the age of 8. Check with the guide when reserving to make sure.



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