VoiceMap Audio Tour of Toulouse with Elyse

The Glory of Occitania

Elyse’s audio tour of Toulouse is an great choice when a personalized, guided visit with her is not possible.

The tour, which begins at the Place de Gaulle, (metro Capitole on the other side of the Capitole Square), gives you a large overview of the history of Toulouse through the centuries. The audioguide takes you to most of what you would visit on the Great Monuments Tour plus some surprise extras.  The audioguide also includes an option for visiting the interiors of St Sernin and the Jacobins, and you learn more about the history of the city center in the 19th century.

The audio tour takes you on a walk that is about 3 km (1 ½ miles) long. You can pace the walk to suit yourself. Start it or stop it when you wish.

There isn’t the possibility to converse with Elyse, ask her questions, or listen to her impromptu stories, but for some this is a great way to visit the city.

Just like in the Great Monuments Walk the tour ends at the Hotel Assezat near the Pont Neuf.

To get the tour, first install the free VoiceMap app on your smartphone or tablet:

Download VoiceMap from Google play Download VoiceMap from the iPhone App Store

and then look for “The Glory of Occitania” in Toulouse by Elyse. You can buy it directly from the app for $14.99 for immediate use, or you can order an activation code here for $12.99 by clicking on the Buy Now button below in which case you will receive an email from elysart@live.fr with the activation code within 24 hours of your order.  Don’t forget to check your spam folder in case your email service tries to hide this message from you.

So if you’re going to be in Toulouse sometime when Elyse is not there to show you around, hopefully taking her in your phone will be a fun way to discover lots of things about this magnificent city. You can send any questions to elysart@live.fr

The Glory of Occitania

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Tour Reviews from voicemap.me

Terrific tour and learned a lot about Toulouse. With so much closed because of the pandemic this is something you can still do. So put on your walking shoes and take a tour with your audio guide Elyse.

— Fiona R.

This was such a fun tour! I used to think I knew Toulouse pretty well, but Elyse pointed out so many things I’ve walked by over and over again without ever noticing before and provided so much interesting history and context that it was like discovering downtown all over again! I highly recommend this tour whether you are visiting “the pink city” for the first time or even if you think (like I did) that you know it quite well. Thanks, Elyse!

— David S.

Fantastic tour! It was great learning about the history of St.Sernin, Pont Neuf, and Capitole, among other things. This tour is packed with information that gives you a greater appreciation for the city of Toulouse and it’s history. I hope to see more tours by Elyse published soon!

— Anonymous Explorer