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I have co-hosted many episodes of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. All of my episodes are listed below in order of most to least recent, and you can filter them by category to find the ones you are interested in more easily. Enjoy!

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A Brief History of the Chemin de Compostelle

Eposide #390 aired on May 22, 2022

How much do you know about the Chemin de Compostelle aka Camino? Have you walked it? Walking the way of Saint James is more and more popular as more and more people turn to active vacations in France.

The Crusade Against the Cathars

Eposide #388 aired on May 8, 2022

Cathar Beliefs and Lifestyle

Eposide #387 aired on May 1, 2022

An episode about Cathar theology and what led these people to choose violent death rather than renounce their beliefs

Les Vosges, Off the Beaten Track

Eposide #385 aired on April 17, 2022

In this episode of the podcast, Annie and Elyse describe Les Vosges, a wonderful part of France for people who love active vacations and slow travel. Looking for gorgeous scenery, happy cows and amazing hikes in France? Listen to this episode!

Nantes, Between Loire and Brittany

Eposide #383 aired on April 3, 2022

Nantes is a beautiful city at the intersection of the Loire Valley and Brittany. Listen to this episode to hear about the best of Nantes for visitors.

The Shocking History of Saint Denis Basilica

Eposide #381 aired on March 20, 2022

Saint Denis Basilica, a place of beauty and of genuinely revolting history. Click play, it's all in this episode of the podcast!

Celebrating 400 years of Molière

Eposide #379 aired on March 6, 2022

In 2022 we are celebrating 400 years of Molière's birth. Have you ever watched a Molière play? How do you think he compares with Shakespeare?

Get Ready to Visit Dijon, France!

Eposide #375 aired on February 6, 2022

Best things to visit in Dijon France, mustard, crême de cassis, and a brief history of the Dukes of Burgundy. Let's talk about it!

A Brief History of French Porcelain

Eposide #373 aired on January 23, 2022

A brief history of French porcelain and the cities in France that got involved in porcelain manufacturing. Collectors, this one is for you!

Best Gallo-Roman Sites in France

Eposide #370 aired on January 2, 2022

Where are the best Gallo-Roman sites in France? Which ones should you visit? Why are they called Gallo-Roman anyway? Let's talk about it!