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I have co-hosted many episodes of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. All of my episodes are listed below in order of most to least recent, and you can filter them by category to find the ones you are interested in more easily. Enjoy!

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Vauban Fortifications in France

Episode #425 aired on January 22, 2023

In this episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent and Elyse Rivin discuss Vauban. His life, his work, things he's not so famous for that make him a great human being #vauban, #military, #fortifications, #history, #france, #podcast

Dog Poop and Other Problems Suffered in France

Episode #423 aired on January 8, 2023

What's the point of going abroad if you want things to work exactly the same as they do at home? And can't we agree that the dog poop issue has gotten better in France?

Lavaur in Occitanie

Episode #419 aired on December 11, 2022

Lavaur in Occitanie is one of those genuinely French towns that doesn't attract tourists by the busloads but is wonderfully charming! Take a listen, you might want to put it on your list!

The Life and Times of Jean-François Champollion

Episode #416 aired on November 20, 2022

Jean-François Champollion was obsessed with ancient languages and was the first to read hieroglyphics. Annie and Elyse talk about his life.

Berthe Morisot an Artist who Defied Conventions

Episode #414 aired on November 6, 2022

Berthe Morisot was an artist who defied conventions in France and developed her own distinctive style. Click play to hear why she was so good!

Eleanor of Aquitaine, a Tumultuous Life

Episode #412 aired on October 23, 2022

In this episode of the podcast we discuss the tumultuous life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, her desire to rule and long struggle for power.

Classic French Soups

Episode #410 aired on October 9, 2022

Do you have a favorite classic French soup? Annie and Elyse talk about their favorites and talk about how soup was a major staple in France.

Standing Stones around Carnac in Brittany

Episode #408 aired on September 25, 2022

Have you visited the standing stones around Carnac? This bucolic part of Brittany is full of mystery and fantastic for slow travel. Families will love the beach, the walks, bike rides and the mysterious stones, of course!

Everyday Life in France

Episode #406 aired on September 11, 2022

Introduction to Victor Hugo

Episode #404 aired on August 28, 2022

How much do you know about Victor Hugo other than he wrote Les Mis? In this episode you'll get to know this fascinating French author better. And who knows? You might even be inspired to read some of his work!