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I have co-hosted many episodes of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. All of my episodes are listed below in order of most to least recent, and you can filter them by category to find the ones you are interested in more easily. Enjoy!

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Will Covid-19 Change France?

Eposide #285 aired on May 17, 2020

How will Covid-19 change France? Annie and Elyse talk about the things they think will happen as France gets over the pandemic.

Will the Pandemic Change the Way You Travel?

Eposide #282 aired on April 26, 2020

Will the pandemic change the way you travel? We asked the Join Us in France community on Facebook and received a wide variety of fascinating responses!

Rennes-le-Château: a Place of Legend

Eposide #280 aired on April 12, 2020

Looking for a little mystery in a beautiful part of France? Rennes-le-Château and nearby Bugarach in Occitanie might be the ticket!

A visit to Limoux in Occitanie

Eposide #277 aired on March 29, 2020

When visiting the southwest of France, especially Carcassonne, you might want to add Limoux to your itinerary!

Tours Make a Vacation Better

Eposide #274 aired on March 8, 2020

Your time in France is precious! Make every minute count by taking a tour such as Annie or Elyse's tours on the VoiceMap App!

An Assortment of French Movies

Eposide #271 aired on February 16, 2020

Do you love French movies? How about TV series centered around French themes? In this episode Annie and Elyse talk about their favorites!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France

Eposide #269 aired on February 2, 2020

What does it mean to be a UNESCO World Heritage site? Why do some places in France have the label and others don't?

Collioure and the Côte Vermeille

Eposide #262 aired on December 15, 2019

Collioure and the Vermeille Coast is the last little bit of France before you get to Spain on the Mediterranean side. In the episode Elyse and Annie talk about great things you can enjoy in this area, including the story of Fauvism and amazing gastronomy and wine!

The Lovely City of Tours in the Loire Valley

Eposide #255 aired on November 3, 2019

Some of the best things to visit in Tours and hotels you should consider for your Loire Valley stay.

A Scenic Drive along the Loire River

Eposide #252 aired on October 13, 2019

Are you on your way to visit the Loire Valley? Here's a scenic drive you'll want to take that will take you to Eleanor of Aquitaine's resting place!