WALKING Tours and Visits of Toulouse

always SMALL intimate groups and scheduled on request!

All prices are in euros

Type of tour 1-4
Any walking tour (two and a half hours) 140€ 25€
Half day tour 220€ 30€
Full day tour (individually designed) (with lunch break) 300€ 35€
Larger groups of more than 8 contact Elyse directly

* For groups with 5-8 people, this is the surcharge for each additional guest after the initial 4

Out of Town Visits

Half day tours** 325€
Full day tours*** 425€

**Please note that entrance and toll fees are NOT included in the rates

***An 18 euro stipend for lunch for the guide is to be added (unless included in a group lunch), and a 50 euro charge is added if the guide drives to the out of town location

A 40 euro deposit is required at the time of reservation. The balance can be paid on the day of the visit. (See Terms and Conditions for deposit policy)

Payment Options

  • Online payment can be made by bank transfer or through PayPal.
  • Credit card payments can be processed by PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account.
  • Final on-site payment can be made by cash or a French check.

Make a Payment with PayPal or a Credit Card

Payment Type
Amount in euros
Tip in euros
Total in euros
Notes (optional)
PayPal will only provide TGW your name, email address, payment type, amount and any notes you provide here. Even if you need to provide other information for a credit card payment, PayPal will not share them with us.

Terms and Conditions

Rates and Fees

  • The rates and fees quoted in the TGW  website are in Euros, and all taxes are included.
  • Deposits for private walks and visits are refundable if cancellation occurs at least 3 days prior to the date initially reserved.
  • Rates for walks and visits do not include entrance fees or any other additional costs. These rates are exclusively for the guided walks.
  • At the time of the reservation TGW  will inform the participant of any entrance fees or additional costs that would be incurred during the visit.


Personal information given when contacting TGW   is used uniquely for the purpose of reserving a walk or visit or receiving  information. No personal data will be disclosed, distributed or sold to any third party for any reason. This information is part of the databank of TGW exclusively.

Risk Acceptance

By participating in TGW  walks and visits a client assumes acceptance of the conditions of the walks and visits. TGW  is released from any liability for damage or injury of said participant related to said walk or visit to the extent permitted by law.

All participants in the walks and visits of TGW  are assumed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions thereof.