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I have co-hosted many episodes of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. All of my episodes are listed below in order of most to least recent, and you can filter them by category to find the ones you are interested in more easily. Enjoy!

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The Surprising Village of Conques

Eposide #247 aired on September 15, 2019

Looking for a gorgeous village in France? It's hard to beat Conques! Listen to this episode

Tips for a Visit to Rodez

Eposide #246 aired on September 8, 2019

Do you love Provence and the Dordogne? You should look at the area around the city of Rodez next. It's scenic and oh, so French!

Lautrec and Castres in the Tarn

Eposide #241 aired on July 14, 2019

On this episode we take you on a day trip to the Tarn from Toulouse. We'll go to Lautrec, Castres and the Sidobre. Never heard of those places? We thought so! You are missing out!

8 Great Places to Visit in the Ariège

Eposide #237 aired on June 17, 2019

Looking for great places to visit in the South-West of France? Elyse has some great suggestions for you!

A Day-Trip to the Gers from Toulouse

Eposide #235 aired on June 2, 2019

Ready for a trip to the "France profonde"? The Gers is one of the most "real" places you'll ever see in France. Listen to this episode and find out where exactly!

Tips for a Visit to Lille

Eposide #233 aired on May 19, 2019

Thinking about visiting Lille in France? Here are all the things you can look forward to!

Notre Dame Fire: What Now?

Eposide #230 aired on April 21, 2019

What's going to happen at Notre Dame in months following the fire?

Cafe Culture in France

Eposide #228 aired on March 31, 2019

Want to learn about café culture in France? How about learning how to order your coffee drinks in French? This episode is for you!

Exploring the City of Nancy

Eposide #225 aired on March 10, 2019

Want to learn about the city of Nancy, France? It's a great center of Art Nouveau in France, great gastronomy and you can visit it as a day-trip from Paris!

Where to Experience the Best Modern and Contemporary Art in France

Eposide #221 aired on February 3, 2019

Wondering what Modern and Contemporary Art you should see in France? You've probably heard of The Pompidou center in Paris, but there's so much more! In this episode we take you all over France to the best modern art museums France has to offer.